An update for the Fall from HAT!

Thanks to everyone checking out our music and also to CBC for the regular radio play this year! 

I wanted to give a quick update on what has been going on for the Hutchinson Andrew Trio this past year as we have been on a bit of a performing hiatus while we all focus on a variety of life directions and projects.

Chris has been teaching at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB as the head of the piano department and is currently working on his Masters Degree at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. He has been recording as a sideman on a number of projects for some amazing artists. Check out his work on albums from this year including 'The Rundle Sessions' from saxophonist Jack Wilkins, '50/50' from Saxophonist Jim Brenan and most recently on 'Reinventions', a solo project from our drummer Karl Schwonik.

Karl is currently expanding his already impressive resume. He took a break from his Doctoral studies at USC and received an MBA from Cambridge. He recorded a solo album that has just released called 'Reinventions' featuring HAT as the rhythm section with saxophonist Brent Mah up front. He is also currently the Dean of the business program at Medicine Hat College in Alberta taking advantage of his new degree.

Finally, I'm (Kodi) working a new solo album amongst all the excitement of having a young daughter. Just recorded with Karl on his new album as well as getting ready for a recording this Fall with saxophonists Jack Wilkins and Jeremy Brown called the 'Saxophone Heritage Project'. I am also on a unique new album released this month called 'Baritone Madness' from the group of the same name which performed last summer at a number of festivals including the Ottawa and Montreal Jazz Festivals. Another upcoming album I'm on will be released in November with trumpeter and vocalist Johnny Summers with his tribute to Chet Baker.

We are all keeping busy and looking forward to reuniting most likely in late 2020 after taking care of some very busy schedules this past year!


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