Amazing Show at JazzAhead!

Yesterday evening we had the chance to play the Canadian Blast showcase at JazzAhead in front of a packed house in Bremen, Germany!

The band traveled long and far to get there, but it was absolutely worth it! Chris flew in from Edmonton, Kodi from Calgary and Karl from Los Angeles. A lot of travel to play 1 hour and 12 minutes of music.

This was our first trip to Germany with the band, and our first time using a string quartet other than the Lily's from Canada. We showcased with a fantastic string quartet from the Bremen symphony called Quartetto Con Brio. Led by Steffen Drabek (viola) the group proved how strong the classical scene in Germany is. With only one rehearsal and a soundcheck, we walked onstage and played an amazing set for VIPs from JazzAhead and jazz fans from Bremen! Steffen helped warm the crowd up by speaking German before performing a beautiful version of Grey Dawn with Chris.

Some great company to be in for the Canadian Blast: Emi R. Roussel Trio, Matt HErskowitz & the Kirk MacDonald Quartet. Chris wrapped the evening up playing piano for Kirk MacDonald, impressing not only the Europeans, but the Canadians as well.

So great to see so many of our musical friends and colleagues from Canada including Myriad 3, Laila Biali, Peter Cardinelli (Alma Records), Jim West (Justin Time), Emie R Rousell Trio, Matt Herskowitz, Kirk MacDonald, Heidi Fleming (FamGroup), Parc X Trio, George Koller, Ben Whitman....the list just goes on....

This trip proved to us that our new album Hollow Trees with strings is meant to be toured in Europe. Stay tuned as we set up dates in 2017 for a European tour!

Thanks again to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Alberta Music & Harvard Broadcasting and CIMA for helping make this trip a possibility.


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